Aimee BowenUI|UX Designer

About Aimee

I am a designer born and raised in Honolulu, HI. Currently, I am attending classes at Chapman University in Orange, California for two degrees: BFA in Graphic Design and BS in Computer Information Systems. I have loved art since I was a child but UI/UX design is where I truly found a way to express my passion for problem solving and my curiosity about technology.

Design Philosophy

Design should take you somewhere. “Somewhere” could be the restaurant you see in the advertisement at the store or the future company that you just made a new logo for. Being presented with the design problem is a lot like being parachute dropped into the tangled brush of a jungle. The successful design is on the other side of the jungle so I grab my machete and start cutting. The first sketch will never be the perfect design, just like the other side of a forest will never be behind the first tree. So, when I design, it’s often like clearing a way through vines and branches, brushing away the unneeded until I’ve made a path for the viewer.

This brings in the most important consideration in each design: the viewer. To extend the metaphor, the reason someone cuts their way through a jungle is to create a path for the next person. The audience is always at the center of every point of research and every element in my projects. Of course, the client needs to be considered but the strength of a design comes from gaining trust from the audience. Remember that the design should take them somewhere. Most people will only follow someone they trust so I am always considering how each design can cater to the target to cultivate that feeling of trust.

One of my projects that shows these ideas is the packaging series for Up & Up colored pencils. The project began with the goal of marketing towards children so I looked at things that children like such as toys, cartoons, and playgrounds. This brought in the trust. With research and my audience in mind, I began sketching. In my process, you can see multiple versions of the logo. I sketched out over ten ideas for the series that I whittled down to six logos and revised over and over. This was the jungle.

If creating a design is like cutting through a jungle, the process isn’t always the same. Sometimes I’ll follow a path that’s been traveled. Sometimes halfway through the jungle something interesting distracts me and I’m lead down a different path. Sometimes at the end of a path I realize that there are more places to go. Research and revisions create different directions but what matters is that the final design is successful in bringing the viewer to the place that I want them to go.

The success of my designs comes from the exploration. The research about the audience. The sketching of the ideas. The revisions of the design. Each design leads me on journey and should take the audience on one too.